Cover-Up: New Evidence of 3 Mass Graves in South Kordofan


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SSP has obtained visual evidence, and new eyewitness reports, of three more mass grave sites in and around Kadugli, capital of Sudan’s conflict-torn Southern Kordofan state. Satellite imagery reveals what appear to be two piles of corpses wrapped in body bags or tarps on a wooded mountainside.The three alleged mass grave sites identified in this report are separate from and in addition to the three apparent mass graves south of the Tilo School in Kadugli shown in SSP’s 14 July 2011 report.  

Satellite imagery also shows fresh digging where an eyewitness reported to SSPseeing an earthmover dump five or six bodies into a mass grave just outside a private garden full of mango and lime trees.

View the imagery on Flickr.

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