Radius of Operations: Sudan Increases Air Attack Capacity


View the imagery on Flickr.

Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) are rapidly working to enhance air strike and air assault capacity in two airbases recently captured from rebels in Sudan's Blue Nile border area.

This evidence, accompanied by on-the-ground reports of two recent bombings in South Sudan refugee camps—Yida camp, housing an estimated 22,000 people, and New Guffa village, an area housing approximately 400 refugees—provide a disturbing account of cross-border operations.

The imagery documents build-ups of helipads in Kurmuk, which serve as bases for SAF helicopter gunships and transport helicopters needed for the transport of air assault infantry near the border of South Sudan.

View the imagery on Flickr.

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Watch Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast and Policy Advisor Omer Ismail discuss the Nov. 10 2011 bombing of a refugee camp in South Sudan by Sudanese military aircraft. Ismail just returned from the region, where he heard accounts of refugees from Blue Nile State."Bombing in South Sudan."