Siege: Evidence of SAF Encirclement of the Kauda Valley (Imagery)

Extension and Leveling of Talodi Airstrip

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Based on satellite imagery of helicopter gunships, battle tanks, mechanized infantry units, and occupied artillery positions at the Kadugli airbase and SAF 14th Division headquarters in Kadugli,  SSP issued a human security alert for the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan, including the Kauda Valley.

The artillery and military units will soon be capable of deploying into the Kaunda Valley, due to newly re-enforced roads encircling SPLM/A-N controlled areas. Elevated roads are rare in the Nuba Mountains and will enable heavy artillery and troops to make their way through the difficult terrain.

In addition, SSP has observed SAF efforts to lengthen and level the airstrip at Talodi, which is within 30-mile striking range from the Kauda Valley. The extension of this airstrip will allow it to accommodate Antonov planes used for bombing and other attack aircraft.

View the imagery on Flickr.

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