Kaka Town Suffers Damage as Rebels March Towards Paloch

Washington, DC - New Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) imagery of the strategic town of Kaka in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state confirms the burning of 1071 huts and damage to the central market. The town, which lies on the road to South Sudan’s only productive oilfields in Paloch, was the scene of fighting one week ago. South Sudanese armed opposition leader Riek Machar recently announced that his forces are seeking to control the Paloch oilfields, which currently produce around 150,000 barrels a day, worth around $15 million dollars. An attack on the oilfields is likely imminent.

Akshaya Kumar, Sudan and South Sudan Policy Analyst at the Enough Project said:

It is clear that Paloch,  South Sudan's only functioning oil field, is the big prize for the country's armed combatants. This new imagery confirms the rebel forces march in that direction placing civilians along the way at great risk for further war crimes. Now that the U.S. has raised the specter of targeted sanctions against those who continue to obstruct peace in South Sudan, it must follow through by designating targets.

The Enough Project will continue to carefully monitor the situation in Kaka, as well as the Paloch oilfields, which are a strategic priority for Riek Machar and his opposition forces in order to strengthen their position in advance of negotiations, which were suspended on March 31 and are set to resume on April 30.

Read the full report, "Kaka Town Suffers Damage as Rebels March Toward Paloch": http://satsentinel.org/report/kaka-town-suffers-damage-rebels-march-towards-paloch

View or download the satellite imagery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/enoughproject/sets/72157643427385063