Bombardment: Aerial and Artillery Attacks in the Nuba Mountains

Satellite Sentinel Project’s analysis of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery has found evidence supporting multiple reports that Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) are conducting aerial and artillery bombardment in the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan, Sudan.

Fixed wing aircraft consistent with an Antonov-24/26, Yak-40, and two SU-25K Frogfoot ground attack aircraft can be seen at SAF's El Obeid airbase as of 28 June. Five helicopters, including four consistent with Hind helicopter gunships, are visible as well.

Each plane is within flying range of recently bombed and strafed targets in South Kordofan and is consistent with the types of planes reported to be involved in the attacks. Planes consistent with SU-25K ground attack aircraft were visible above Kauda on 14 and 23 June, as shown in photographs taken there at the time. A McClatchy Newspapers report dated 16 June cites unnamed aid workers who claim helicopter gunships chased displaced people in the Nuba Mountains.